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Gabriell Salgado


Nilo Cruz, Pulitzer Prize Winner

“Gabriell is a very, very elegant actor. He has a sense of the language, a lyricism, and a sensuality. He is the quintessential gallant man – un galán." He’s timeless. He is a theater creature with all the tools to deliver on his promise.  I don’t see the age. I see a brilliant man, gifted in the same way Mozart was when he was composing at an early age.  That intelligence has no age.”
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"... a skilled young actor and comedian with the looks of a soap opera star who is clearly going places. He has a considerable talent to amuse."
- Charles Kruger
"It’s really unfair to single out anyone in this outstanding ensemble, but Salgado – the young local actor whose work over the past 15 months has been stunning — is terrific as the lector. His Juan Julian voice savors every phrase with an almost seductive delivery and a deep pleasure in the depth and power of words.
-Bill Hirschman
Anna In The Tropics, Miami New Drama, Pictured Hannia Guillen, Gabriell Salgado, Photo by
G & C 3 - RS.jpg
"Gabriell Salgado adds to one of the most memorable succession of roles that a nascent actor has had locally.  Yes, he’s as good-looking as a Sports Illustrated cover and he spends the entire evening in the titular garb. But his triumph here is creating a complex creature who is eminently likable, every inch the kind of next door neighbor hero you root for, but who reveals scene after scene to have almost no ethical limits.."
-Bill Hirschman
"Salgado delivers the latest in a string of terrific performances since making his professional debut. He is a chameleon of an actor, disappearing into his characters. His Leo is like a caged animal, restless, pacing, lashing out, seething with pent-up frustration and repressed grief."
-Mary Damiano
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"Salgado, amazingly a New World grad in his first professional production, delivers what is the most stunning physical performance in a play seen in this region in years."
-Bill Hirschman

Upcoming Projects

Ronnie Larson presents The Actors on Theater Row in NY!
(April 27 - Jun 1)
Zoetic Stage presents The Pillowman at the Adrienne Arsht Center
(October 24 - November 10, 2024)
Asolo Repertory Theater presents Anna in the Tropics directed by Marcela Lorca
(February 21 – March 13, 2025)
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